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Japanese Goods Online
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Image by Danny Choo
This is the current Order History screen that you can play with if you order the test products on
Here you will be able to see the status of each product and soon it will show pre-orders and their release date too.Have a read through the above and lemme know if this is the flow that you expect and if not tell me what to change.From my time as Website Manager at Amazon, I know their Order Pipeline well but rather than build it similar to Amazon, I want your feedback as a consumer who regularly buys from Japan. Many brand names that you are familiar with will be using Mirai Gaia. If you like figures, anime, apparel then the likelihood that you will buy from one of my clients is extremely high ^^;Also, registered users on Mirai Gaia will be able to use the platform to upload and sell their products – then have payment settled by Paypal. You could even set up your own figure/anime shop on for example.Out of all the online shopping sites that you use to get stuff from Japan, which in your mind has the best user experience and which has the worst.Look forward to your feedback ^o^

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PriceRitePhotos Supposed “Out of Stock” Camera
best online shopping sites

Image by Thomas Hawk
Yesterday I posted an image here for my article on the abusive sales practices taking place at PriceRitePhoto in New York. Interestingly enough, the camera that two days ago they told me was "out of stock" when I refused to buy their overpriced accesories is still showing even with today’s date on their website.

As an update to my photo from Tuesday, since then here is what has gone on with the attention that this story has received:

Update #1: Found this text on their eBay store ad: "We guarantee our customers to have the best quality products and the best customer service! Our customers love us for our friendly attitude, buy with confidence!"

This just makes me sick. If you want to Digg this story you can here.

Update #2: Well I just received a call back from Steve Phillips at PriceRitePhoto. He said that I should be expecting a call from the "FBI" shortly and that "my tactics" of flooding his store’s phone lines was "illegal." When I asked him to hold on as I wanted to turn on my recorder to record our conversation he hung up on me.

Of course I have not called his store at all but I’d imagine that the attention that his abuse has recieved from Digg and other places on the internet may have something to do with that.

My boss did have a conversation with me about the fact that this guy called him yesterday and was very understanding about the situation.

Update #3: Also since calling my boss, Steve Phillips has called my boss’ assistant several times this morning as well. Contrary to Steve Phillips claims, I still have had no police officers show up at my office to "arrest me." Nor have I been contacted by the "FBI."

Last night when I called AMEX it appeared that PriceRitePhoto had not charged my card yet. My guess is that when I refused to buy their high priced accessories that they never had any intention of sending me the camera at their advertised price. I blocked the card with AMEX and will be getting a new number to prevent them from further abusing my credit card.

I have also filed a complaint with the New York Attorney General’s office regarding their behavior and have left negative reviews on my experience with their company on most of the shopping comparison services that they are included in. Hopefully from the attention that this story has received they will reflect on the appropriateness of their sales tactics going forward.

If anyone has a contact at Yahoo! Shopping it would be nice to learn from them that they were being delisted or at least investigated over this.

Interestingly enough, it was just two weeks back that Yahoo! made an announcement about an overhaul to their shopping service. It would seem that they plan to include more social networking type reviews on products and vendors in the future. Hopefully whatever new system they put in place will help weed out the bad apples like PriceRitePhoto.

Of course even as late as today, they still have the camera that they told me as out of stock on their internet site for sale for ,899.

Update #4: Received this email back from the New York State Attorney General’s Office today: "Dear Consumer:

Thank you for your submission to the New York State Attorney General’s Internet Bureau. On behalf of Attorney General Eliot Spitzer, I want to thank you for taking the time to alert us to this matter. Your assistance is vital to our efforts to serve the people of the State of New York.

We have added your submission to our files. It is through complaints such as yours that we learn of patterns of fraud and illegality. If you have any questions about this matter, please call us at (212) 416-8433. For other consumer-related matters, please call our consumer hotline at (800) 771-7755.

Thank you for contacting us."

Update #5: Thanks to a complaint by Digg User loker269, PriceGrabber has now delisted PriceRitePhoto. Nice to see PriceGrabber do the responsible thing here.

Update #6: This story has risen to the number one dugg story on Digg this year with 5439 diggs so far today. Thanks diggers!

I also received this email today from Joe Lazarus, Director of Marketing for Yahoo! Inc.: "Tom, I wanted to follow up on a comment I added to your post on PriceRitePhoto. I work at Yahoo! Shopping. I passed your issue along to our Customer Care team who will investigate and take the appropriate action per our merchant Guidelines and Terms of Service. I covered some more details in my comment. Please feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions. ~ Joe"

Update #7: This story just made the front page of Slashdot. It was also on Boing Boing and Metafilter today along with many, many other blogs. I truly hope that this attention shines a light on the abusive bait and switch tactics that so many of you have also unfortunately experienced and shared in your comments.

The support is overwhelming and very much appreciated. And, yes, yes, yes, I do know that I was stupid and should have known better and done my homework before buying from these guys — but that doesn’t negate the fact that their sales tactics are wrong and deserve to be stopped.

Update #8: Although I have not heard directly back from Yahoo! or their Marketing Director Joe Lazarus. It would appear at least that for the time being, today, PriceRitePhoto is not operating on Yahoo! Shopping. They are still listed as a mechant there and there is a link to their store but when you do a search by their store for products for sale through Yahoo! you get the following message: "We didn’t find any product results for mid:1016578." I’m not sure if Yahoo! pulled their listings or if PriceRitePhoto did or if that is just part of what happens when Yahoo! investigates a company. I hope that if after investigating Yahoo! concludes that this company is acting unethically that they will in fact delist them altogether. I will update as I hear more on this.

Also, fortunately, my server has held up remarkedbly well with all of the traffic being sent to this story from the above sources. I recently had to move from a shared server to a dedicated server with lots of excess capacity because I’ve had many highly ranked Google Images that had been eating through my bandwidth in the past. Also it helps keep my bandwidth usage down as the photos that are included as part of this story are actually hosted by Flickr my favorite site on the internet and as I oft like to repeat, "almost certainly the best online photo management and sharing application in the world." Ironically, of course in all of this, Flickr is owned by Yahoo!

Below is an image of the company’s website this morning. As you can see, the camera that was supposedly "out of stock" when I refused to purchase their high priced accessories is still being shown for sale at the ,899 price even still today. I suspect that they do actually have the camera in stock but that they only sell it to those who load up on expensive accessories and warranty plans from them.

Prison Break
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Image by † Jimmy MacDonald †
[NB. Mouseover Photo to View Names]
Here in the UK, it’s on ‘channel 5 Mondays @ 22:00 and repeated on Friday @ 22:00. great programme. [Update]… [In June 2007 Sky has bought prision break of uk terrestial 'channel 5' and will be showing 'Prison Break 3' on 'Sky1'.]

Please Add your comment/s, views etc about *Prison Break*…. at the bottom of this page! NB.[Please NO swearing, cursing/cussing etc. Thank You!]
and for *LOST*, click link below ↓
For Photo of Lost Cast: Click Here… Photo of Lost Cast.
For Photo of Fringe Cast: Click Here… Photo of Fringe Cast.

The real-life representation of the ‘Fox River’ Prison is… Joliet Prison More Info on Joliet Prison

And Brazil’s Carandiru Penitentiary, was the inspiration for ‘Sona’ More info on Carandiru Penitentiary

So if you want to watch ‘Prision Break 3′ you’ll have to buy yourself a satalite dish since ['Ntl now Virgin Media' ] viewers can’t watch ‘prison break 3′ on cable tv anymore, because ‘Sky’ has fallen out with Virgin Media’ ['Money reasons' what else?] and no longer shows free to view sky channels ie. ‘sky1,sky2, etc. on cable tv. So there you have it folks. NO Prison Break 3 on Virgin Media, but you could always watch…
Watch Free Online: Prison Break Seasons: One Two Three & Four, Here
Also Watch: Prison Break Episodes Here ‘Free Online’

[The best secular show on tv, if you agree say so in comment]

Summary on Prison Break, seasons One Two Three & Four [Wikipedia] Prison Break seasons 1, 2, 3 & 4 And Check here for more Info>>> IMDB on Prison Break<<<IMDB on Prison Break.

**UPDATE**… As from 13/11/08 Sky 1,2,3, etc. are back on Virgin Media. Sky & Virgin Media have come to some sort of an agreement… So Prision Break is on Sky One on Tuesdays @ 22:00-23:00 and repeated on: Wednesdays @ 23:00-00:00 & Mondays @ 01:00-02:00

**UPDATE**… On Tueday 19th May 2009 on Sky1 saw the end of prison break after running for 4yrs. Prison break came to a sad ending with the death of… Michael Scofield. Scene moves to 4 years later, with his girlfriend Sara Tancredi his son ‘Michael Junior’, his brother ‘Lincoln Burrows’, Fernando Sucre and Alexander Mahone visiting Michael Scofield grave. *BUT* is he really dead I’ll have to watch the special series next week on the 4 missing years.

Prison Break Cast
Wentworth Miller: Michael Scofield
Dominic Purcell: Lincoln Burrows
William Fichtner: Alexander Mahone
Robin Tunney: Veronica Donovan
Sarah Wayne Callies: Dr. Sara Tancredi
Peter Stormare: John Abruzzi
Amaury Nolasco: Sucre
Wade Williams: Bellick
Marshall Allman: LJ
Stacy Keach: Warden Pope
Robert Knepper: T-Bag
Muse Watson: Charles Westmoreland
Paul Adelstein: Agent Kellerman
Rockmond Dunbar: C-Note
Lane Garrison: Tweener
Silas Weir Mitchell: Charles `Haywire’ Patoshik
John Heard: Gov. Frank Tancredi
Patricia Wettig: Vice President Caroline Reynolds
Frank Grillo: Nick Savrinn
Michelle Forbes: Samantha Brinker
Joseph Nunez: Manche Sanchez
Chris Vance: Whistler/Gary Miller
Jodi Lyn O’Keefe: Susan B./Gretchen Morgan
Robert Wisdom: Lechero/Norman St. John
Leon Russom: Gen. Jonathan Krantz (Pad Man)
Cress Williams: Wyatt
James Hiroyuki Liao: Roland Glenn
Michael Rapaport: Don Self

Prison Break Credits
Bobby Roth: Director
Brett Ratner: Executive Producer
Bryan Spicer: Director
Craig Ross Jr.: Director
Dawn Parouse: Executive Producer
Dean White: Director
Dwight Little: Director
Eric Laneuville: Director
Greg Yaitanes: Director
Guy Ferland: Director
Jonathan Glassner: Director
Karen Gaviola: Director
Kevin Hooks: Executive Producer
Mark Helfrich: Director
Marty Adelstein: Executive Producer
Matt Olmstead: Executive Producer
Michael Switzer: Director
Milan Cheylov: Director
Neal H. Mortiz: Executive Producer
Neal Moritz: Executive Producer
Nelson McCormick: Director
Paul T. Scheuring: Executive Producer
Peter O’Fallon: Director
Sergio Mimica-Gezzan: Director
Vincent Misiano: Director
Nicholas Wootton: Writer
Paul Scheuring: Writer

Prison Break Guest Cast
Adina Porter: Leticia Barris
Al Sapienza: Philly Falzone
Al Vicente: Flaco
Alan Ackles: Manager
Alex Daniels: Cop
Alex Fernandez: Capt. Hurtado
Alex Meneses: Chi Chi
Alexandra Lydon: Ann
Alexandra Lydon: Cop/Ann
Amanda Tosch: Alexa
Amy Chaffee: Marjorie Swift
Andrew Borba: Dr. Peter Chaffin
Angela Martinez: Reporter
Anthony Azizi: Naveen Banerjee
Anthony Azizi: Naveen Benerjee
Anthony Starke: Sebastian
Barbara Eve Harris: Felicia Lang
Barbara Eve Harris: Lang
Beau Dremann: Chicago Cop
Bill Doyle: Lt. Bernitz
Bill Fichtner: Alexander Mahone
Bill Stevenson: Office Worker
Blaine Hogan: Seth
Bonnie Burroughs: Nurse
Brad Fleischer: Pop Pop
Brad Hawkins: Tough Guy No. 2
Brandon Smith: Warden Ed Pavelka
Brian Hamman: May Tag
Brian Poth: Brian Anderson
Bruno Gioiello: Miami Cop
Callie Thorne: Pam Mahone
Callie Thorne: Pamela Mahone
Camille Guaty: Maricruz
Camille Guaty: Maricruz Delgado
Carlo Alban: McGrady
Carlo Alban: McGrady/Luis Gallego
Carlos Navarro: Police Captain
Carlos Sanchez: Guard
Carol Farabee: Patty Wallace
Castulo Guerra: Gen. Zavala
Channon Roe: Robber
Charles Emmett: Casino Detective
Charles Van Eman: American Consul
Chelcie Ross: Bishop Morrow
Cheryl Bricker: Mrs. Edison
Chris Nelson Norris: Limo Driver
Christian Bowman: Agent
Christian Bowman: Agent King
Christian Bowman: Company Agent
Christopher Berry: Chuck
Clint Jung: Shan Xing
Conor O’Farrell: Agent Miller
Crystal Allen: Tia Hayden
Cullen Douglas
Dameon Clarke: Andrew Blauner
Damon Carney: Mysterious Man
Damon Carney: Young Man
Dan Sachoff: Aide
Dan Sachoff: Pad Man’s Aide
Danay Garcia: Sofia
Danay Garcia: Sofia Lugo
Daniel Allar: Avocado
Daniel Allar: Avocado Balz-Johnson
Daniel J. Travanti: President Richard Mills
Daniel Zacapa: Priest
Danny McCarthy: Special Agent Hale
Darin Heames: Shep (Roland Winston Shepard)
Darryl Alan Reed: Attendant (Charlie)
David Clennon: Sen. Conrad Dallow
David Garza: Faretaker
David Grant Wright: Announcer
David Marriott: Agent No. 1
David Parker: Trucker
David Stokey: Junior Counsel
Deanna Dunagan: Judy Pope
Demi Lovato: Danielle Curtin
Denise Crosby: Doctor
Dennis Cockrum: Stember
Derek Phillips: Field Cop
Diana Scarwid: Jeanette Owens
Dominic Keating: Andrew Tyge
Dominic Keating: Tyge
Dominic Pace: Soldier
Dylan Kenin: Clozza
Elimu Nelson: Guard
Elise Ballard: Midwestern Mom
Eric A. Payne: Agent No. 1
Erin Spencer: Erica
F.J. Rio: Augusto
Gary Grubbs: Sen. Phil Lemon
Geoffrey Rivas: Sgt. Salinas
George LePorte: Tech
Gianni Russo: Smallhouse
Gocha Chertkoev: Russian Inmate
Graham McTavish: Ferguson
Grover Coulson: Guillermo Prismaticos
Gwendolyn T. Oliver: Passerby
Heather McComb: Rita
Hector Atreyu Ruiz: Bartender
Holly Valance: Nika Volek
Ian Bohen: Darrin Hooks
Ingrid Sanai Buron: Office Worker
Ivar Brogger: Vincent Sandinsky
J.B. Blanc: Jerry Curtin
J.D. Evermore: Kyle `Woody’ Woodling
Jack Gould: Old Farmer Guy
Jack Watkins: Off. Grady
Jad Mager: Mark
Jamison Haase: Damani
Jason Davis: Mark Wheeler
Jason Davis: Wheeler
Jason Douglas: Highway Patrolman
Javon Johnson: C.O. J.J.
Jeff Perry: Terrence Steadman
Jennifer Hetrick: Elaine Baker
Jennifer Joan Taylor: Becky
Jessalyn Gilsig: Lisa
Jesse D. Goins: Hotel Manager
Joe Basile: Agent
Joe Holt: Pistachio/Stash
Joe Holt: Stash
Joe Inscoe: Lyle Sands
Joe Minoso: Chaz Fink
Joe Perez: Clerk
Joe Sikora
Joel Stoffer: Old Man Bagwell
John Billingsley
John Davies: Elliott Pike
John Elliott: Company Agent
John Getz: Dr. Roger Knowlton
John Judd: Ben Forsik
John Rosenfeld: Jason Lief
John S. Davies: Agent Elliot Pike
John S. Davies: Agent Elliott Pike
John Sanderford: Edison
John Turk: Turk
Jose Zuniga: Coyote
Jude Ciccolella: Howard Scuderi
Julio Cesar Cedillo: Gen. Mestas
K.K. Dodds
K.K. Dodds: Susan Hollander
Kaley Cuoco: Sasha
Karl Makinen: Derek Sweeney
Karly Rothenberg: Clerk
Kathleen Quinlan: Christina
Kathleen Quinlan: Christina Schofield
Kathleen Quinlan: Christina Scofield
Keith Diamond: Tim Giles
Keith Szarabajka: David Allen Baker
Kelli Kirkland Powers: Teller
Kelvin Han Yee: Surgeon
Kendall Clement: Cabbie
Kevin Dunn: Cooper Green
Kevin Kelly: Officer Phil Weston
Kevin Sizemore: Harlan
Kevin Will: Guard
Kim Coates: Richard Sullins
Kim Coates: Sullins
Kiran Rao: Embassy Guard
Kirk B.R. Woller: Richard Sooter
Kristin Lehman: Jane Phillips
Kurt Caceres: Hector
Kwame Amoaku: Stroker
Larry Brantley: Realtor
Laurence Mason: Sammy
Lee Reherman: Deckard
Leo Marks: Greg Rydenour
Linara Washington: Jenae Conlin
Marc Macaulay: Mr. Ives
Mark Berry: Detective
Mark Chaet: Bank Manager
Mark Harelik: Marty Gregg
Mark Morettini: C.O. Rizzo
Mark Oliver: Detention Center Official
Mark Pellegrino: Patrick Vikan
Mark Stoddard: Trooper No. 2
Marshall Manesh: Nandu Banerjee
Mat Greer: Ticket Checker
Matt DeCaro: C.O. Geary
Matt DeCaro: Roy Geary
Matthew Jones: Federal Agent
Melissa Marsala: Maricruz Delgado
Michael Bryan French: Gregory White
Michael Cudlitz: Bob
Michael Gaston: Quinn
Michael McGrady: Capt. Hutchinson
Michael O’Neill: Herb Stanton
Michael Stoyanov: Mark Fletcher
Michael Wiseman: Det. Conor Mara
Michelle Marsh: Constituent
Mike Gomez: Panama Jack
Mike Jones
Mike Jones: Darius
Mike Siegel: Pilot
Monti Sharp: Phil Stroger
Morgana Shaw: Ticket Agent
Morocco Omari: Ron
Naima Imani Lett: Receptionist
Nick Lopez: Newbie No. 1
Ora Jones: Wendy
Paul Mitchell Wright: Sasha’s Father
Paul Taylor: Government Spook
Peter Reinemann: Gus
Ramon Franco: Raul Darinda
Raphael Sbarge: Ralph Becker
Ravil Isyanov: Wyatt
Reggie Lee: Bill Kim
Reno Wilson: Agent Wilson Wright
Reno Wilson: Agent Wright
Rey Gallegos: Cristobal
Rey Hernandez: Ernesto
Rich Komenich: Maggio
Richard Zavaglia: Mobster Thug
Roberto Sanchez: Rubin
Robin Robinson: Interviewer
Roderick Peeples: Fibonnaci
Romy Rosemont: Det. Kathryn Slattery
Ron Yuan: Feng
Ron Yuan: Feng Huan
Ron Yuan: Feng Yuan
Ryan Gesell: Public Defender
S.E. Perry: Bailiff
Sandra Marquez: Mrs. Delgado
Scott Jaeck: Trenchcoat
Sean Hennigan: Judge
Shannon Lucio: Tishanne
Shannon Lucio: Trishanne
Shaun Duke: Griffen Oren
Shaun Duke: Griffin Oren
Sky Soleil: Colorado Cop
Sonny Franks: Harold Jenkins
Stacy Haiduk: Lisa Tabak
Stacy Hall: Solo Uni
Steve Coulter: Detective
Steve Tom: Stuart Tuxhorn
Steve Tom: Tuxhorn
Stuart Greer: Grace’s Father
Sylva Kelegian: Denise
T.A. Taylor: Pick-Up Driver
Tara Karsian: Georgie
Taylor Nichols: Dr. Erik Stammel
Ted King: Downey
Terry Woodberry: Orderly
Thomas Lumberg Jr.: Agent No. 2
Tim deZarn: Salty Vet
Tina Holmes: Kristine Pace
Titus Welliver: The Representative
Titus Welliver: The Representative/Scott Carruth
Todd Terry: Aide
Tom Choi: Driver
Tom Choi: Feng’s Driver
Tom Clark: Keith
Tom McElroy: Reverend Mailor
Tommy G. Kendrick: Dive Shop Owner
Tony Denison: Aldo Burrows
Tony Denison: Dad/Aldo Burrows
Tracey Walter: Janitor
Travis Willingham: Soldier
Troy Ruptash: Jasper Potts
Van Quattro: Sheriff No. 1
Vince Davis: Priest
Wayne Lopez: Embassy Guard
Wilbur Fitzgerald: Bruce Bennett
William Charlton: Sam Middleton
William Mapother: Agent Chris Franco
William Mapother: Agent Franco


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